Monday, March 14, 2011

Japans Earthquake and Tsunami

On Friday the 11th of march Japan had a double major catastrophe in Japan. After the shocks there was a 12ft high wall of water that washed away houses and boats, cars and people that got in the Tsunamis path got destroyed. But the Earthquake was 8.9 kilometres deep and hit at 2.45pm in the afternoon while everyone was working or doing something.

As the King Tide!!! and Earthquake wiped out most of Japan the people tried to Escape in cars and on motorbikes also by running to safety really fast but now people are all right. But some people didn’t survive through that horrible Crisis in Tokyo luckily some people survived and got away. I was still sad about the other people that died on that awful day so R.I.P the kind people that died and helped NZ. May God Bless you!!!!!!

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