Monday, December 5, 2011

I had the best time at the santa parade

WOW it was so amazing on the weekends I was in the Santa parade in Panmure with my friends and a club called friendship club, it was so cool because right behind us was homework club and my friend Kane I was so excited. It was really cool and do you know what we gave out to people lollies it was so embarrassing when kids kept on falling over the side over the sidewalk of the the footpath so thats when I jumped and started handing out lollies to the kids when my bucket was empty I waved and said "MERRY CHRISTMAS". I was so happy when I saw kids with smiles on there faces.

"Merry Christmas Everyone"

Friday, November 4, 2011

The planet VARS

One day there was a man named Brian and he lived on a planet called Vars he pet alien called dog and a wife and her name was Ivy she was a alien from the planet Jupiter she she tried to speak human. Brian was half alien and half human that is why Brian could breath in space without a suit on. Every alien on every single planet went Bizare just to see Brian breath out of space with out a space suit.The aliens thought it was so spectacular to see a human on a planet out in space with no gravity or no air. He was the coolest alien human ever it was such a sight to see a human breath out of space even though he is even half human.

It was a Humongous big planet and everyone knew that the planet vars had every single item in the solar system on it that's why it is called the biggest planet in the whole galaxy because because it can hold up to 9 trillion tones of stuff in one single spot. It also doesn't have have a single on it at all because things could get lost or trapped inside the craters luckily only this planet has no craters that’s it is the luckiest planet of all. Also the other thing I wanted you to know this planet is that we also have hover cars and magnet planet rocket boots that can stick to the planet that your on. I hope you have fun when you go to your first ride to a planet I hope you enjoy when you do go. I hope you had fun reading my story thats all for now!
The End!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Immersion Assembly

On Tuesday the first day of term 4 we had an immersion assembly in the hall. When the second bell rang for a brand new day at school. I was excited so I quickly rushed out the door ready to line up for the Immersion Assembly ,it was about the Solar System. It was funny to because all the teachers were dressed up in silly costumes like Aliens, Robots, Stars and the Sun they even did Embarrassing dances. I was also amazed at the creative things that the teachers did for the immersion it was so funny when the teachers had funny wigs and costumes. That day I stayed happy and ready for a day filled of fun facts about space.

It was so fun at the immersion the immersion assembly rocked. If I was in the immersion assembly play I would of tried to be the best at being the teacher in there if I was in it I could of been the bomb. But luckily there was already a bomb in there Mr Somerville he was the best actor in the whole act he was the bomb. He was the stars in the act he twinkled out brightly in the whole immersion assembly. I wish I was a teacher like Mr Somerville!


Friday, September 30, 2011

Aussie Rules

WOW A is a really cool sport because there are different ways to pass and catch the ball through the game there was hand pass, drop punt and the catches we did was high mark chest mark those are all good ways to play good game of aussie rules. Aussie Rules is so awesome that I was sweating so much that I was tired for a while if everyone knew how fun it was I would reccomend that everyone would want play. It would also be cool everyone played together in this fun packed sport aussie rules it is the best.

Everytime I got to aussie rules with my class room 16 I am always having a great time with class mates and freinds it is always good to spend times with my freinds. It is sometimes good for your bones to because all the exercise pays and your bones are getting healthier. I hope that I have another fun packed with my class and my freinds. Aussie Rules ROCKS Go AUSSIE RULES!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Holidays

On monday the 31ST of october I went with my Uncle and my aunty to the beach. It was so much fun at the beach because I got to play with small kids on the beach instead of sitting down on the sand with my Aunty and Uncle. When the small kids went home I was sad but then one my friends from my old school came over to say hello. He was covered in sand and it was funny because his whole body was covered in sand. Then he brought his mum. Luckily his mum knew my aunty. It was fun catching with my old friend. So then we lay down on the sand to rest in the sun on that nice summer day.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Last week on Friday the Ninth the rugby world cup started off with a Grand Ceremony. The grand ceremony was awesome because there was a boy bumping off People ,everyone was singing ,fireworks were making loud noises, Actors and lots of fans cheering for the Tonga team but everyone suddenly started cheering really really loud All Blacks All Blacks. Then the All Blacks jogged out from their hall and came onto the field that’s when everyone raised their flags. It was cool for everybody you could tell because they were all cheering.

Finally the game began Tonga Started doing the Haka then after they did their Haka then they got into the game All Blacks started off with the kick Tonga just catches it and try to get a try. it started off as a good game but stepped out and New Zealand had to do throw in suddenly some of the Tongan team started using bad language. Luckily New Zealand didn’t do it back otherwise it would of been a yellow card so the game went on the fans Keep on cheering and cheering all the way through the game.
Just click On the big white space and see the Grand Ceremony.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fathers day

Yesterday on Fathers day me, my dad and my family went to Valentines to celebrate fathers day. It was fun because we had Pizza and played games all day. I loved it because was the day was filled with fun things that me and my dad it was so fun spending Fathers day with my dad. I love my DAD so Much because he takes where I've never been.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Having fun in the Life Caravan

On Tuesday the Eighth of August room sixteen went to the life caravan to see Harold and Lynn when we saw Harold he told us about his homework. He hated his homework when he showed us it we thought that was going to be hard but it was easy we knew almost everything about the human body. We also found that the liver separates the bad food from the good food it also has over five hundred jobs. I also found out that our stomach is just a small part of our body and you could still hold a big amount of food in it.

After we that we did the banana solute and we made the caravan bounce and shake it was fun doing the banana solute. Then we got back into learning it was really fun learning with Harold and Lynn they also told us about the different foods that are healthy and unhealthy she told us about the unhealthy foods it was really fun learning about the human body.
Thank you Harold and Lynn =)

Monday, August 29, 2011

One News Report

Yesterday afternoon I got a shock it was the reporter and her camera lady because I was going to be on TV with my class room. It was scary because it was my first time on TV, Plus it was the news and everyone might watch it. We were on the news to show that we use netbooks in our school. It was so cool to be on TV it's true come find out yourself.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My fantastic trip to motat

On Thursday the 31st of June rooms 15,16 and 17 from Point England School got ready when our teachers told us what group we were in and then we went to wait at the hall for the buses to arrive so we could go to Motat. When the buses arrived we knew straight away it was time to go then we went to the buses and left the other buses behind. When we got to motat I was ready for a fun packed day with my friends and teachers because I knew how they were going to react from all the fun and adventures that there were. Before went of exploring a man called Frazer talked to us about all the inventions and the cool creations that lots of people built.
I was Amazed on how there were new stuff I was also amazed that a tram was put in a big space for itself. Then we got to the tactile dome I thought it was scary at first but then they said it was just a obstacle in the dark that was pitch black it was like you closed your door and switched of the light and it will be pitch black too. When I was doing the obstacle course in the dark it was like I knew where I was going because it was like I have been in there before but I haven’t. I knew it was just an obstacle course and I finally made it to the end of the obstacle course then I saw the it was the slide to get out of there then I was free from the pitch black darkness until another day thats when I told myself it was just a obstacle course in the dark.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Partly Cloudly

The movie we were watching in room seventeen was Partly Cloudy.There were two characters were a cloud and a stalk that were best buddies that always believed in each other .It was set up high in the sky where clouds made babies.
In the story Partly Cloudly It started off with the stalks taking babies that the clouds made to take down to the new mothers and fathers. All the action is about the stalk taking down the dangerous animals that one of the clouds made. The stalks also have to fly back and get more and more babies for the mothers and fathers keep and love forever. At the end they all ended up being happy and they lived happily ever together in piece and harmony for ever.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Tower Contest

Room 16,Room 16,Inventions,Inventions,"Bigger Better Faster Stronger",Pt England,Pt England,Bigger Better Faster Stronger
On Thursday the fifth of May the whole class had to build a strong and tall tower and they would win a chocolate. I had the smallest in the whole class but it was still strong, it also held up the weight of the tubes, because it was stable and didn’t have big tubes to hold it up. Luckily someone liked it and that was my friend Lorenzo because it looked like a Machine Gun.

My tower was so stable that when everyone in the class tried to blow it down it was still standing up like a rock. My friends Lorenzo and Carlos argued over it but at the end Lorenzo got it and took it home. Carlos was angry that and started to yell at me and say “why didn’t you give it to me?”. I felt bad for Carlos so I made one for him to take home too.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Holiday

On my holiday I went with my mum and two brother's to our aunty's house for a barbucue. when we arrived at our aunty I meet my couzzin's that were really annoying, then finaly we started our scrumpcous barbecue. While my aunty was doing the barbie, I helped my mum with the desert.

The kitchen was covered with food, soon it was time to eat yummy barbecue that filled our stomach. when we finished we helped our aunty clean up house from all our cousins's when they left a big mess.It was so messy that tehy weren't aloud over again when they came over again they apoligised. Finaly my aunty forgave them now tehy wont do it again.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Making a link

This is a photo I uploaded and added a link to it to show where I got it from.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japans Earthquake and Tsunami

On Friday the 11th of march Japan had a double major catastrophe in Japan. After the shocks there was a 12ft high wall of water that washed away houses and boats, cars and people that got in the Tsunamis path got destroyed. But the Earthquake was 8.9 kilometres deep and hit at 2.45pm in the afternoon while everyone was working or doing something.

As the King Tide!!! and Earthquake wiped out most of Japan the people tried to Escape in cars and on motorbikes also by running to safety really fast but now people are all right. But some people didn’t survive through that horrible Crisis in Tokyo luckily some people survived and got away. I was still sad about the other people that died on that awful day so R.I.P the kind people that died and helped NZ. May God Bless you!!!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Lemon - By Silas

Silas’s lemon has a small bump like a mouses nose on its little face that makes it look like a mouse. I think my lemon is shaped like a rugby ball, that smells like a really sweet lolly but is yellow. My fruit is a juicy and really tangy lemon that makes you scrunch up your eyes really tight until you don’t want it. Lemon’s are a really sour treat that makes you say its sour out loud.

To some people lemons are sour especially my friend Jesiah he hates them. But some people love lemons like me, because there really sour and delicious to eat.I Hope you like my story

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Once upon a time there was two hero’s called Superman and Goku. They fought over who is the best super hero ever. But one day they thought it would be a good idea to bring there whole squad of people to battle each other until the end. That day they brought there entire squad and started to fight some died but they continued to fight

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

In Christchurch there was a tragic catastrophe lots of buildings crashed to the ground. Why the buildings crashed to the ground was because the size of the quake was 6.3, it almost hit right in the center of the city. More and and more buildings collapsed but the most famous building in Christchurch the cathedral fell to the ground, crushing cars and other vehicles and making it hard for people to get around.

People in Christchurch are really frightened and scared that there loved ones might be hurt, I hope everyone is okay and nobody else dies the people in Christchurch I wish you the best of luck. All the people under the rubble and rocks get out not hurt just all in perfect condition and get out before an after shock. I also wish Christchurch get well soon alright.

Good luck on the people helping Christchurch god bless you. I wish all the people in Christchurch to be safe and also wish no one else gets hurt may god bless over you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Super Kid

One morning Super Kid woke from his sleep and he didn’t recognise that he had super power’s until he got up to have breakfast. “WOW I have super powers!” When he was walking down the road he came across one of the most evil villains of all time, DOCTOR EVIL! His evil idea was to destroy the city and crush millions of people. Then came Super Kid rescuing millions and saving thousands of lives!

With a stupendous bang he did a Kamehameha, “ KAMEHAMEHA” and ruined the evil villain’s horrible plan and sent the Doctor Evil to jail. Super kid was proud of himself and he didn’t worry about anyone else for the rest of that day. However the villain never gave up fighting back, but as soon as the villain got out Super Kid killed him.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My 2010 Reflection

What I have enjoyed this year was going on trip to one tree hill because we got to touch lava rocks from the volcanoes. This year what I enjoyed learning the most was camp because we got to paddle in the canoe at the Pt England reserve. I would have liked to do more of spor’s and writing, maths, reading and fun games outside. I have liked learning how to get better at writing because I used to suck at writing. What I want to work harder at is maths because I forget my time tables.
My best memories from this year are athletics day and capture the flag because they remind me of the time we played midnight. My goals for next year are to go up more levels on my writing and maths. The way I like working is by talking in a group to get good ideas. The thing that improved on is reading because I moved up a couple of levels.