Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Having fun in the Life Caravan

On Tuesday the Eighth of August room sixteen went to the life caravan to see Harold and Lynn when we saw Harold he told us about his homework. He hated his homework when he showed us it we thought that was going to be hard but it was easy we knew almost everything about the human body. We also found that the liver separates the bad food from the good food it also has over five hundred jobs. I also found out that our stomach is just a small part of our body and you could still hold a big amount of food in it.

After we that we did the banana solute and we made the caravan bounce and shake it was fun doing the banana solute. Then we got back into learning it was really fun learning with Harold and Lynn they also told us about the different foods that are healthy and unhealthy she told us about the unhealthy foods it was really fun learning about the human body.
Thank you Harold and Lynn =)

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