Friday, August 23, 2013


Every Thursday from the starting of term 3 Room 19 went to basketball training.“Yes we're going to basketball” I said to Nathanial sitting next to me when we were walking.
As I saw the basketball court I was just about to run down to our teacher but didn't really want to.

We went to practice bouncing,handling and how to do awesome tricks. Every time we go to basketball we practice jump stop. One of my favourite things to do at basketball was a game called King Of The Count. To play King Of The Court you have to start in a small circle and try backhand the other person ball out of the circle.

The first week we had basketball I was so surprised when Mrs Lagitupu took us to the court to play basketball. The first thing we did was play a warm up game. We played octopus. As I was zooming down the court I noticed that everyone was in but four of my classmates. I got tagged first out of them but it was a cool.

As we were leaving basketball we said thank you to our basketball teacher and went back to class. "I love basket ball"

Friday, August 9, 2013

Silas If I Were Black

HURRY UP CLEVELAND MUM AND DAD ARE WAY UP AHEAD,” I yelled. I hoisted Cleveland onto my shoulders and rushed through the crowd to find mum and dad. They were holding up some signs saying, “Equality for Blacks”. We finally found them halfway through the chanting groups of black and white people. While we marched, me and my little brother Cleveland were chanting with pride and hope.

My name is Omar. The year was 1963 and we were in Washington D.C. marching to make things equal between the black and white people. When we reached the Lincoln Memorial the march was over. Everyone gathered round eager to hear what Martin Luther King had to say

“I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream,”Martin Luther King’s voice was loud and clear speaking out to the crowd of thousands. He was very inspiring.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

North Harbour Vs Marist Eastern

It was a early Sunday morning and the boys from Marist Eastern were going to North Harbour Stadium to challenge Marist North Harbour. The bus was waiting across the road and we were ready to go, we didn't know where the bus was going so we sat back and enjoyed the ride. There was 2 teams under 13's that was my team and under 12's restricted I sat back relaxed while everyone on the bus was chatting away. We were almost there when we could see the stadium in a view, it was massive there was my team mates thinking we were going to play in the stadium.

We got inside the area and the bus stopped, we were playing on one of the fields at 2 o'clock I was waiting for the game to start so we could beat north harbour. It getting near 2 o'clock when the reef came and checked our boots and mouth guards, everything was perfect. I was so excited that our team had been invited to challenge north harbour. 

The game had started and our team was ready and waiting for north harbour to get ready I watched on the sideline. My friend Tevita got the first and last try of the game our team and supporters cheered I was clapping for Tevita. It was good game against North Harbour I was happy my team won.

Go Marist Eastern!!!