Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Immersion Assembly

On Tuesday the first day of term 4 we had an immersion assembly in the hall. When the second bell rang for a brand new day at school. I was excited so I quickly rushed out the door ready to line up for the Immersion Assembly ,it was about the Solar System. It was funny to because all the teachers were dressed up in silly costumes like Aliens, Robots, Stars and the Sun they even did Embarrassing dances. I was also amazed at the creative things that the teachers did for the immersion it was so funny when the teachers had funny wigs and costumes. That day I stayed happy and ready for a day filled of fun facts about space.

It was so fun at the immersion the immersion assembly rocked. If I was in the immersion assembly play I would of tried to be the best at being the teacher in there if I was in it I could of been the bomb. But luckily there was already a bomb in there Mr Somerville he was the best actor in the whole act he was the bomb. He was the stars in the act he twinkled out brightly in the whole immersion assembly. I wish I was a teacher like Mr Somerville!