Friday, November 4, 2011

The planet VARS

One day there was a man named Brian and he lived on a planet called Vars he pet alien called dog and a wife and her name was Ivy she was a alien from the planet Jupiter she she tried to speak human. Brian was half alien and half human that is why Brian could breath in space without a suit on. Every alien on every single planet went Bizare just to see Brian breath out of space with out a space suit.The aliens thought it was so spectacular to see a human on a planet out in space with no gravity or no air. He was the coolest alien human ever it was such a sight to see a human breath out of space even though he is even half human.

It was a Humongous big planet and everyone knew that the planet vars had every single item in the solar system on it that's why it is called the biggest planet in the whole galaxy because because it can hold up to 9 trillion tones of stuff in one single spot. It also doesn't have have a single on it at all because things could get lost or trapped inside the craters luckily only this planet has no craters that’s it is the luckiest planet of all. Also the other thing I wanted you to know this planet is that we also have hover cars and magnet planet rocket boots that can stick to the planet that your on. I hope you have fun when you go to your first ride to a planet I hope you enjoy when you do go. I hope you had fun reading my story thats all for now!
The End!!!!!!!