Monday, May 27, 2013

Silas is salt good for your body?

Zac powers Volcanic Panic

Zacs latest mission briefing is at a secret volcanic island in the middle of the ocean, he knows that something isn't quite right. Then Zac discovers a secret the GIB has been trying to uncover for years but now zac is working undercover for GIB and uncover this mystery.

Zac is on a normal boring day at school and  Zac’s teacher Mrs Tran was away and there was a new teacher to teach the class. The teacher’s name is Ms Sharpe and  she was like Mrs Tran. At least Mrs Tran didn’t do maths sheets all day. Suddenly the bell rang to go home, Before Zac could walk out the door Ms Sharpe asked Zac to close the blinds then she said “I have an important meeting to go to” then Zac closed the blinds and Ms Sharpe was gone.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Zac powers Tomb of doom

Zac was on a quest to find the missing pyramid then there it was right in front of him. He was so happy to see the pyramid he couldn’t wait to get inside this great treasured discovery as a ruin of a vanished pyramid. It was astonishing how the pyramid that people said had vanished was still stable and upstanding right. Zac knew this was the best thing he’d done during his family holidays but he know’s it is still a mission. Zac has to find agent track star cause the truth be told she went disappeared near a vanishing pyramid.

Zac parked the dune buggy not far from the from the pyramid. There was a big rock door with a code above it showed a fist, a closed door and a open door, Zac thought to himself “is it that simple do I just have to knock”. Then he got out his spypad and translated the symbols above the door. He did just have to knock he was happy then he walked in the doors shut and it was pitch black not knowing where to go. Zac was surprised he had made it this far what was going to happen next.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Maths Whizz

On Maths Whizz I am learning my 100's subtractions, some of the equations were hard and some of the equations were easy this was a fun maths activity.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Omg it is a rainy thursday morning and a lot of people including me were wondering who the very special mystery guest was. Then the bell rang for morning tea, I was so excited another half hour and then we go to the hall and meet the guest. Suddenly “RIIIIING” the morning bell tea rang to go back to class and everyone ran back to class a lot of the students of pt england school were ready and waiting.

When the hall was that their were camera's around and also photographers. I was wondering who was the famous 'famous' person was coming to our special and nerv racking assembly. A lot of people thought it was Stan walker or the prime minister John key but they just had to wait and see.

We were all ready and waiting then boom there he was the famous pop singer he looked awesome but I thought he would be wearing something from one of his songs. He was offering the manaiakalani schools a 100,000 dollar check I was shocked 100,000 dollars. I thought it  was very thoughtful of him and it is one of the biggest koaha’s we have got in a while.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My first reading recount

TITLE: Zac Powers Tomb of Doom

Pages: 36

Zac Powers

Summarize: Zac’s family holiday is booooring... until he gets his latest mission and his mission is to find and rescue a top GIB agent missing near the vanishing tombs somewhere in amber Sands.

There once was a boy called Zac Powers he was a spy boy that worked for a secret agent company called GIB (Government Investigation Bureau). Suddenly he gets an incoming message from agent peterson saying there is a problem near a vanishing pyramid, agent Caz has said to be gone somewhere near the pyramid. Zac grabbed his spy pack and quickly speed off in the dune buggy he could tell it wouldn’t be a good mission. Zac had instructions to go north or east he couldn’t decide so he went northeast then a couple jumps over sand dunes later he could see the vanishing pyramid and he knew it was a good sign.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What my friends say about me?

Last term room 19 stuck pieces of paper to their backs and had to think of something positive and write stuff on other people’s back. Everyone in room 19 had to join in and write something positive about another person. It was fun and all but when we had finished we looked what people had written on our backs. I was surprised that not that much people had written anything on my back.

(Cool) Some people in my class were writing on my back I was cool I didn’t know how I was cool but I thought it was a good thing if had written something like you are a cool on someone elses back. I started thinking “hey I might be a pretty cool friend If someone had written I am cool”. We were all looking out our papers and most of us were making funny facials i knew some people had written something weird or funny.

(Skuxx) Oh god I was knowing someone was going to write something like I am skuxx I was Annoyed because a lot of people had written I am skuxx it was mostly skuxx all over the page I could not believe it. I was still surprised that other students of my class had commented on my piece of paper I was really happy.

(Helpful) I was like “WOW” 1 person out of the whole class said I am helpful. I didn’t know I was helpful but suddenly I am helpful it made me proud to know I am helpful. People don’t usually say nice stuff about me but I was wrong people do think nice stuff about me like im helpful.

Thank you for reading