Monday, September 16, 2013

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was waiting for the bus at the bus stop after a hard day at work.The bus finally arrived. Rosa dragged her aching body up the bus stairs and handed over 10 cents. She sat in the black section of the bus at the back.

Then a white person came and told Rosa to move out of her chair because black people have to move for white people if there are no more seats in the black section even if it means they have to leave the bus. It is pretty sad that the black people had to move for the white people or the black person goes to jail if they don't obey the laws.

Rosa asked to stay because she was tired and old, but the man still said move.Rosa refused so the white person signaled the driver to tell her to move so she waved to a couple of cops she got arrested.

Black people took notice and boycotted the bus service. They started their own black taxi company and black people that had cars pick up friends. The black taxi company only charged 10 cents to go anywhere they want.then any black taxi driver caught charging 10 cents would be fired. they have to charge 45 cents.

Then the bus service had to live without the black people riding the local bus for a year. Then some of the M.i.a got together to discuss what they have to do . they came to a decision to make segregation on buses unconstitutional. ROSA WON

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Movie Reflection

The message of my movie is love. The thing about this message is going to be cool because it shows that someone cares about a girl else they didn’t like and would do anything for her.

Angles/shots, Normal, Short, Far, Birds Eye and Worms Eye
The Camera will be still in some bits and other bits it will be moving around alot.
The sound quality is going to be Ok.

There is going to be some interaction between the boy and the girl while their somewhere or they are doing something like walking around. Then boy and girl really care about each other and will do anything for each other. The Expression’s will be Happy, Sad, Annoyed, Angry and Excited.

The Quality of the movie is going to be really great and the people aren’t going to have drawn backgrounds. The stuff the students do is real there could also be stunt doubles during some stunts it was pretty cool.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I hate grave's at night O_O

So far it has been a wonderful night with my friends. We had just been to the movies to watch the paranormal activity 4 the gates were cut off so we had to go the long way through the graveyard. I thought it was a bad idea because it was April the first and I was not sure if my friend’s wanted to prank me or give me a scare so I did not take any chance,  so I jumped up on the cinema gates and jumped the gates and went home. I was so tired and I could not wait to sleep then “RING RING” my phone rang it was one of my friends Sonny and when I picked up it was not him it was a something/someone with A really deep voice.

He told me to come to the graveyard alone with no one and he said if I rang the cops or bring them with me. I told mum I was going to my friends house for the night so she could believe me I pretend to call my and say “ Hey can I come to your house for the night” So my mum let me go to my friends house. It took me an hour to get there I was so tired when I got there I knocked on the door no one answered so I knocked again then I heard horror music so I told the choir to get away then “WOOSH” the door opened.

I was surprised who it was. It was Sonny’s uncle Richard he looked older I asked him if I could stay for the night then I could hear groans “ARGHHHH” it was zombies rising from the dead. I was scared so I ran inside quickly locked the doors then I heard a scream I thought it was someone faking so I ran to where the screaming was. It was sonny’s brother Raihan the zombies were pulling him out the window so I got the gun and shot the undead fiends. I was ready to give myself when I heard “KAME HAME HA’” and a big gigantic plasma beam came down and destroyed a huge amount of zombies.

It was Goku he knew that we should combine our power to make an ultimate fusion to destroy the zombies and save the rest of glen innes. I was so happy, so we did the fusion and did the ultimate Spirit Bomb. We were doing the spirit bomb when the werewolf controller of the undead was going to kill us he used a laser and took away the spirit bomb’s power. So we did Kame Hame Ha “KAME HAME HA” it worked so we quickly recharged and did spirit bomb “SPIIIRIT BOMBBBBBBBB” we used the combine power and destroyed the werewolf and the fiends. G.I and maybe the rest of the world we saved I was so happy.

Cross Country

On the 22 of August on a Thursday afternoon Pt England School had a school cross country/Fun Run. Our schools Fun Run was supported by Adidas. We had to get sponsored by our Whanau (Family) in order to get some cool prizes out of a book that we could choose. we had to raise over $5.00 to get a prize.

It started with the 5 year old boys then the 5 year old girls it went in that pattern until the Yr 8 boys. When it was time for the Yr 8 boys my adrenaline was pumping.

When the siren went off I started off with a jog then into a steady pace and so on. I started to fall back but that wasn't stoping me I was like a machine I was jumping puddles like thunder hurdling through mud like an alligator.

It was the last stand me and the mud filled track just as I was to the finish line my friend was sliding in puddles I quickly ran to the puddle he was sliding in and I didn't care about winning I just wanted to slide.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Rainbow Warrior Bombing

Unfortunately on the 10th of july year 1955 just before midnight an incident occurred where the Rainbow Warrior had been bombed by some French Spies. Apparently the people of Greenpeace were throwing a birthday party for Peter Willcox but  they had no idea at all that there were 2 suspicious French people  just out of range for them to see..What they didn’t know is that these two people were French Spies working for the French government. They had scuba gears on and were in a zodiac ready to bomb the Rainbow Warrior.

It was just before midnight when they were all singing and drinking away.They were oblivious to what was going on right below their boat. They were so loud that they wouldn’t have been able to hear a thing.  Surriptiously  the spies were under the boat attaching two limpet bombs.

So far there was nothing happening  until “Boom” the first bomb went off at 11:38 p.m sending one of the crew members of his chair. At first they did not know what it was then the second bomb went off and the captain rushed down to the engine room to see what had happened and there was water everywhere. “ABANDON SHIP,” shouted the captain. Sadly Fernando Pereira there photographer was not able to get of the ship on time and had a tragic death.

The story started when the  French Government were angered by Greenpeace’s plan to hired some French spies to bomb the Rainbow Warrior.  After bombing of  the Rainbow the two spies were arrested. Dominique Prieur and Alain Mafart went to got sentenced to prison in NZ but the French told NZ to give them over or they will boycott NZ’s products. In the end they ended up in France again but treated like hero’s.

R.I.P Fernando Pereira