Friday, September 6, 2013

Rainbow Warrior Bombing

Unfortunately on the 10th of july year 1955 just before midnight an incident occurred where the Rainbow Warrior had been bombed by some French Spies. Apparently the people of Greenpeace were throwing a birthday party for Peter Willcox but  they had no idea at all that there were 2 suspicious French people  just out of range for them to see..What they didn’t know is that these two people were French Spies working for the French government. They had scuba gears on and were in a zodiac ready to bomb the Rainbow Warrior.

It was just before midnight when they were all singing and drinking away.They were oblivious to what was going on right below their boat. They were so loud that they wouldn’t have been able to hear a thing.  Surriptiously  the spies were under the boat attaching two limpet bombs.

So far there was nothing happening  until “Boom” the first bomb went off at 11:38 p.m sending one of the crew members of his chair. At first they did not know what it was then the second bomb went off and the captain rushed down to the engine room to see what had happened and there was water everywhere. “ABANDON SHIP,” shouted the captain. Sadly Fernando Pereira there photographer was not able to get of the ship on time and had a tragic death.

The story started when the  French Government were angered by Greenpeace’s plan to hired some French spies to bomb the Rainbow Warrior.  After bombing of  the Rainbow the two spies were arrested. Dominique Prieur and Alain Mafart went to got sentenced to prison in NZ but the French told NZ to give them over or they will boycott NZ’s products. In the end they ended up in France again but treated like hero’s.

R.I.P Fernando Pereira

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