Friday, September 7, 2012

Smoking not the way

There are many dangers in smoking. The chances of diseases if you are smoker will increase. Your vital organs, heart and lungs and brain, the vital organs are affected in a negative way. Smoking causes disease.

The dangers of smoking are critical dangers that you can suffer from are a stroke when half of your brain doesn’t work, heart attack when you are finding it hard to breath. Lung cancer is also a disease that can kill you because it will block up your lungs.

The chances of those diseases are 2 to 4 times more likely to happen to people to smoke then people who don’t smoke. The people who smoke at 16 have an advantage dieing before people that start smoking at 21.

Thank you Kevin


Phillip Edward said...

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Mike said...

I agree with your point, Silas. People I love have died from smoking induced lung cancer. Dying is never enjoyable, but it is a particularly unpleasant way to die, and the knowledge that it was preventable is particularly painful.