Friday, September 28, 2012

End Of An Era

Just recently there was a space shuttle called the endeavour and it was retiring from it's long years going up into the light years of space. The shuttle endeavour was flown on a 747 modified space shuttle carrier to carry the 2,000,000 pound shuttle to a museum in Florida L.A where it would be on display.

The Endeavour's first ride started thirty years ago when it was new and was better then now because now it is retiring and is going to be on display for people to see. While the plane was flying the shuttle to L.A the plane went through america and spectators watched the plane goes by.

It was almost time for the landing and everyone was waiting in excitement to see the shuttle land in the museum. Everyone was watching and then a small figure appeared in the sky and it was the endeavour and the modified 747 shuttle carrier. WOW it was really cool how the space shuttle was bolted to the top of the plane and how it was the shuttle's last flight and never to fly again.

Thank you Stevie and Samson

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Mike said...

Hi Silas. I enjoyed reading your posting and seeing your illustration of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. I was in your classroom a couple of years ago as part of a group of teachers from the USA who were visiting good schools in New Zealand.

For the record, the Endeavour is going to a museum in Los Angeles, California. It flew to that museum from Florida. A friend of mine took a picture of it as it flew overhead in the Los Angeles area (see for the photo)

Earlier this year I got to see the shuttle Discovery in its hangar near Washington DC. It is a VERY BIG thing to put into space! I also got see one of the shuttle launches years ago, and because it was so far away I didn't really get a sense of how big it was.
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