Thursday, September 13, 2012

worst day for fishing!!!

One morning I woke up from my slumber and thought it was a good day to go fishing.  I could go out in my brand new boat with my mate max, tau, and stevie.

I got the stuff ready, hooked the fishing boat to the car and drove to pick them up. On the way I bought up some food and bait for the trip. They were ready to go.

It was a good morning as we drove to the beach . As we got closer to the beach it was getting foggy.  tau said “should we wait for weather to clear”?.

I said “it will be fine it’s not that foggy”  tau didn’t agree ,he didn’t want to come but all my mates convinced him to come so he changed his mind and came.

Max wondered why it was still foggy but we were all on the boat waiting for him to come aboard  the boat he was coming but still wondering.

He came onboard and  we had a seat and we speed off into the fog. We couldn’t see through the fog then stevie said “maybe this isn’t a good idea maybe tau and max are right” we shouldn’t turn back.

Suddenly we feel something bump the boat I stop the boat and turn off the engine. There was a big shadow in the water we didn’t quite know what it was but it was something big, I quickly started the engine and we flew off into the mist. Now we are out in nowhere in the middle of the sea stranded somewhere.

Out at sea my friend stevie are sleeping while I am steering my boat it was awfully cold that night.

Thank you max

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