Friday, September 28, 2012

Roller Coaster Ride

One day there was a boy called jack was working and heard a roller coaster ad on the radio and asked his mum if he could go to the carnival. “Mum can you take me to the carnival so I can ride the roller coaster” mum replied “yes you can but you won’t like it”. On that day mum drove jack to the carnival and paid for jack to go on the awesome death coaster.

Jack and another kid were sitting in the roller coaster cars then zoom! the roller coaster flew away out of the tunnel and into the sunlight. It was a really cool and a little bit scary for jack and the kid next to him. Coming up to the loop and jack is feeling sick and want to get off but no one is knowing that jack is feeling sick then “ BWAHHHHH” jack puked and the person in front of him and was soon covered in a heap of puke. Super man comes and saves them because the puke will make the track rust and the seat would be covered in puke then it will take a while to clean off.

Thank you Kevin and Tui

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