Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Reflection About My Netbook And Me Over The Years

By having a netbook it has been very easy for me finding stuff on the web. Using the internet on my netbook means that I can learn more about subjects at school and the meaning of words, adjectives and subjects in school such as math, Te Reo Maori, writing such as that. A found using a netbook is a very rewarding opportunity and can help me with my work in school and out of school. I was stuck in some of my times tables during the year it was very hard for me to solve the problems, but thanks to google I can search up anything on the net and will pop on my screen it is cool to see what stuff you can search up with google.

This year using my netbook I have learnt how to master the different kinds of things off and on the web. I have found out about stuff that I have never known before and I have had a follower on my blog because of my work and explaining to him what I was doing at how I did stuff like how I put hyperlinks on my blogpost. With my netbook it has helped me learn more and now I have more knowledge on what I am doing and how I do stuff on the web.

The special thing my teacher Ms Tito taught my class and me this year is to be a *Purple Cow* I thought being in Ms T’s class would be boring but it was pretty fun over the year. I didn’t know I would have this much Laughter and Energy it was cool hanging with my friends and teacher.

I have learnt a shortcut on my netbook how to switch on my docs from a computer without using my password it was very cool when I learnt that. I found out using that became handy and started using it because I thought it was a good idea.

I have learnt from Kitiona how to get on the internet by using a code on terminal even when it wasn't working properly I think that is a good thing knowing how to do that.

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