Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 8 Camp

First Highlight: Was taking a swim at the beach because there was some good waves and I swam under the. It was raining, I like to swim at the beach when it rains. We were also playing a game of touch it was really fun.

Second Highlight: This thing was fun but it was kind of smelly. The Agrodome farm is my second favourite Highlight out of the year 8 camp. Because the dogs were running over the sheep when the guy blew the whistle it was so cool.

Last Highlight: My last highlight at year 8 camp is the bus ride. Because all the boys on the bus were making up raps about different things. My favourite subject in their raps was about Agrodome because they rapped about the animals in the farm.

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Mike said...

Silas, I am smiling as I read your post about visiting the Agrodome during Year 8 camp. It was a highlight for you. It was also a highlight for my wife who visited the Agrodome the same day I got to visit your school in 2010. I didn't get to go, but I heard about it from her and she took pictures. Now, three years later, you visited the same place and took your own pictures. Thanks for the great post!