Friday, November 15, 2013

200 Migrant Workers Saved

There a was a boat emergency just off the coast of North Africa they were going to Tunisia, there were probably more than 200-300 people on the boat before it capsized. Most of the people on board the boat were Syrian and Palestinian, 200 people were pulled to safety but what was said that 30 people died in the capsize.

On one of the weeks more than 300 African refugees were on a boat when it capsized and they all died near an island in Italy of Lampedusa. It was a tragedy for a lot of people on that day family members died on that boat. It is really sad that the people died from a boat especially when 2 weeks in a row it happened.

There were lots of calls for the European Union to do more to stop the migrants happening and risking people’s live to sail to Europe. I think Migrants shouldn’t happen in the first place anyway they should stop this immediately. Everyone that sails to Europe will die from sinking or will make it over there safely.

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Mike said...

Living in the United States, I had not heard about this incident as it happened rather far from my home in Oregon. Thanks Silas for bringing it to my attention. It is certainly a serious matter.