Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to every person in the whole wide world. I wish every a merry christmas and a happy new year. For all the people who believe in santa and the lord called Jesus. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Silas Scorpion

A nocturnal predator like a scorpion has grasping claws and a narrow curved tail that injects venom into its prey. The claws of a scorpion are like pincers and are really sharp. The tail of a scorpion is poisionous because the sharp bit of the tail stabs into your skin and lets the poison in. Scorpions use their claws to grab the intruder so they can get their stinger into the weak spot. When scorpions attack their prey they make sure they get them where they want them and then bingothe scorpion wins. Some times when a scorpion's skin gets old they shed their skin and grow a new layer.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Silas Sir Francis Drake story

Sir Francis Drake was born in the 1540's in England. He asked Queen Elizabeth if he could have a boat to steal gold, treasure and slaves for England. When he stole treasure and slaves he asked the Queen if he could sail around the world the Queen said ''Yes. But now I am paying you to be a privateer."
Off Sir Francis Drake went sailing around the world. But on the way he attacked the Spanish and took their treasure then buried it. Sir Francis was the first English man to sail around the world, in his ship the Golden Hinde. On his voyages, the Spanish galleons attacked Drake's ship too, because he had attacked their ships

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Christopher Columbus Finding New land

Christopher Columbus sailed in the1400’s to trade with India and it was dangerous. But he didn’t have a boat or any money to do that so he asked the Kings and Queens of every part of Europe but they thought it was a stupid idea. Finally he asked the king of Spain for a boat and some money and he said “Yes” then he said "As long as you make Spain look good then you can sail” “Okay" said Christopher. Then he sailed west and found new land and he thought it was India but it was in fact the Americas. Then they sailed back and he told them he found new land.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sailing On Ted Ashby

As I was sailing on the Ted Ashby I could feel the wind lashing through my hair, then icy wind started biting my face. When it was time to pull the main sail, I struggled as I heaved on the halliard as hard as I could. On the sides of Ted Ashby, waves were lapping and making strange sounds. As we headed towards the harbour it was time to hoist the sails so we could sail to the harbour bridge.

My Pirate Wordle - July

This is a wordle about pirates from our stories. It tells you the words we used the most and the least. The words that have been used the most from our stories were Pirate, leg, eye, name, black, captain and big. The least were hook, sword and strong.
by Dillon, Max, Silas

Mt East Destroys the Village - July

What I enjoyed about our volcano movie.It was fun making the movie in a group and getting sticky hands from the dough. We could have done our voice over better so it makes more sense.We could work on our paragrahs so the audience. The part we did really well was we cut out the right pieces of the movie and putting the voice over in the right place where the parts are showing. What I learnt from doing this was I found information about volcanoes can do to the land and how people die from volcanoes. I would change the paragrahs and sentences to make sense.Then make the movie and voice over more interesting.

Michael Jackson - King of Pop

Run run as fast as you can - June

I made a animation using hyperstudio. You will see a volcano erupting while I'm running away.

Rainy Day - June 3 2010

In the cold dismal weather it was wet, stormy and muddy. It was so cold that we had to close the windows in the ugly weather.Thundering and pouring incessantly, it was like buckets of water were falling from the sky. Raindrops were banging on the classroom, like fireworks spinning on the roof.

Iron Brion - May 6 2010

Yesterday the Point England Seniors went to the hall to see Iron Brion talk about Iron. He and his assistant said that if you don't have zinc you can get really sick. He started talking about red meat. He said that if you eat red meat you can have enough energy to last your day. When we played Iron Brion's boogie game, we laughed at Ahsin because he shook his bottom in front of everyone. No one thought that the girls were funny because they just shook their hands in the air. When it was time for him to go we all sighed. When we ate our burger we could feel Iron building up in our muscles.

MTV Volcano

We wrote songs about what we had learnt about volcanoes.
We reckon this is a choice way to help you remember facts and to show off all the great stuff that we learnt.
by Iva, Samuela, Silas, Studamyer

You Never Know When Someone is Watching - March 31 2010

Someone is always watching the cool things that we get up to. Perhaps one day we might just make the All Blacks!
by Iva, Samuela, Silas, Studamyer

Capture the Flag - March

In this movie, Heremaia, Maru and Silas read their really great sentences all about our favourite game - Capture the Flag. The photos were taken by children in Room 15

My Waka Adventure Animation - February

In this Hyperstudio animation Silas shows us what he learnt. He also says he found out all about how the maori followed the stars to find New Zealand.

February 2010 in Room 14

Welcome to Room 14 Silas.
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