Thursday, November 25, 2010

Silas Scorpion

A nocturnal predator like a scorpion has grasping claws and a narrow curved tail that injects venom into its prey. The claws of a scorpion are like pincers and are really sharp. The tail of a scorpion is poisionous because the sharp bit of the tail stabs into your skin and lets the poison in. Scorpions use their claws to grab the intruder so they can get their stinger into the weak spot. When scorpions attack their prey they make sure they get them where they want them and then bingothe scorpion wins. Some times when a scorpion's skin gets old they shed their skin and grow a new layer.

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Miss K said...

It's great to see you finish a post SIlas. Your descriptive language has given your audience a great picture of what a scorpion is like.
Keep working hard on getting your posts finished Silas.