Monday, December 16, 2013

Farewell to Pt England

Being at Pt England school in room 19 has been a special chance for me to make some new friends during 2013. It has been a great year and I have had a lot of fun along with my friends and teacher Ms Tito this year. I got to make a 'kiwiana' board with my friend Raihan and it was pretty cool. While I was in room 19 Ms Tito gave us opportunities to make art or movies I was happy I had Ms T as a teacher.

Knowing that I am leaving Pt England and my year 7 friends I am kind of sad that I am leaving also happy because at Tamaki College I will have new friends and some old. I will miss my friends I have known them for a year but its like I have known them forever. I am going to miss you guys very much thanks for everything.

I am going to miss Ms T and the other teachers here at Pt England school but going off to college in 2014 it has been a wonderful year getting to know the teachers and how they taught us. I think that Ms Tito is the best teacher I have had by far. I am going to miss the teachers here at Pt England thank you teachers.

What I want for next year is to quickly make friends and get to know people at Tamaki College, I also want to get into Basketball or Rugby. I know that what I want might be able to become reality but since it is next year I will have to wait till then.

To all my friends and Teachers that have taught and cared for me this year thank you for all your help for all you have done for me. I will never forget what you have done for me, it is really hard to say goodbye but it has to be done. Thank you Ms T for the awesome activities and all the things you have helped me with. I wish Pt England Students and teachers all the best for 2014 and in the future.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Reflection About My Netbook And Me Over The Years

By having a netbook it has been very easy for me finding stuff on the web. Using the internet on my netbook means that I can learn more about subjects at school and the meaning of words, adjectives and subjects in school such as math, Te Reo Maori, writing such as that. A found using a netbook is a very rewarding opportunity and can help me with my work in school and out of school. I was stuck in some of my times tables during the year it was very hard for me to solve the problems, but thanks to google I can search up anything on the net and will pop on my screen it is cool to see what stuff you can search up with google.

This year using my netbook I have learnt how to master the different kinds of things off and on the web. I have found out about stuff that I have never known before and I have had a follower on my blog because of my work and explaining to him what I was doing at how I did stuff like how I put hyperlinks on my blogpost. With my netbook it has helped me learn more and now I have more knowledge on what I am doing and how I do stuff on the web.

The special thing my teacher Ms Tito taught my class and me this year is to be a *Purple Cow* I thought being in Ms T’s class would be boring but it was pretty fun over the year. I didn’t know I would have this much Laughter and Energy it was cool hanging with my friends and teacher.

I have learnt a shortcut on my netbook how to switch on my docs from a computer without using my password it was very cool when I learnt that. I found out using that became handy and started using it because I thought it was a good idea.

I have learnt from Kitiona how to get on the internet by using a code on terminal even when it wasn't working properly I think that is a good thing knowing how to do that.

Year 8 Camp

First Highlight: Was taking a swim at the beach because there was some good waves and I swam under the. It was raining, I like to swim at the beach when it rains. We were also playing a game of touch it was really fun.

Second Highlight: This thing was fun but it was kind of smelly. The Agrodome farm is my second favourite Highlight out of the year 8 camp. Because the dogs were running over the sheep when the guy blew the whistle it was so cool.

Last Highlight: My last highlight at year 8 camp is the bus ride. Because all the boys on the bus were making up raps about different things. My favourite subject in their raps was about Agrodome because they rapped about the animals in the farm.

Nelson Mandela

In the 1990’s was Nelson Mandela’s release from prison on Robben Island in South Africa is where he was serving a life sentence. An international campaign had lobbied for his release, which was granted in 1990. After becoming President, Nelson Mandela led negotiations with President F.W. de Klerk establish multiracial elections in 1994, in which he led the ANC to victory.

Mandela was a kind and generous man and he didn’t believe in that black and white people should be treated separately or differently. He was a person who persecuted his dreams and wishes, Mandela had a courageous soul and heart and he cared for everyone even the people that imprisoned him for twentyseven years and one of his quotes were “I detest racialism, because I regard it as a barbaric thing, whether it comes from a black man or a white man.”

He was a humble man and loved helping people in need. He grew up with his two sisters in a small village named Mvezo in Umtatu. Nelson Mandela was born on the 18 of July 1918. Mandela met Evelyn Mase, an African National Congress activist from Engcobo and got to socialise with other people on an equal basis.

At the time he was doing some training to become a nurse. He was Married on the 5 of October    in the year 1944, he lived with his family, they rented a house in Orlando in the early 1946. Thats when Nelson Mandela became a founding member of the African National Congress Youth League.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The three things I enjoyed at Pt England

Recently, the year 7 and 8's of P.E.S went down to the Glen Innes Pools to do some swimming lessons. I was in Group 2 and we did a lot of backstroke and freestyle. I enjoyed the last day because we had free time in one pool and races in the other. Even though I wanted to do relays I did freetime with my friends I still enjoyed it though.

At Manaiakalani Film Festival I was going to hoyts cinema in Sylvia Park and was able to watch a little bit of funny and different kinds of movies. “I wonder what my favorite movie will be?” I thought to myself, I knew it would be a good day today.

My favourite highlight of this year is probable being in Miss Tito’s class and making new friends and connection with everyone in Room 19. The thing I like about in Room 19 is that everybody cooperates even though they don’t want to.

Friday, November 15, 2013

200 Migrant Workers Saved

There a was a boat emergency just off the coast of North Africa they were going to Tunisia, there were probably more than 200-300 people on the boat before it capsized. Most of the people on board the boat were Syrian and Palestinian, 200 people were pulled to safety but what was said that 30 people died in the capsize.

On one of the weeks more than 300 African refugees were on a boat when it capsized and they all died near an island in Italy of Lampedusa. It was a tragedy for a lot of people on that day family members died on that boat. It is really sad that the people died from a boat especially when 2 weeks in a row it happened.

There were lots of calls for the European Union to do more to stop the migrants happening and risking people’s live to sail to Europe. I think Migrants shouldn’t happen in the first place anyway they should stop this immediately. Everyone that sails to Europe will die from sinking or will make it over there safely.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Silas MihiMihi

Kia Ora Tatou
(Greetings to us all)

Kua hui mai nei
(Who have gathered here)

Ki tenei wahi
(To this place)

Ki te whakapakari I to reo Maori
(To develop your Maori Language)

nga whakaaro pai
(The good thoughts)

Ka nui te koa
(Great is the happiness)

Mo to koutou kaha
(For your support)

Ki te huihui mai
(In Attending)

Ki te korerorero
(To discuss)

I nga take
(The matters/subjects)

E pa ana ki tenei wananga
(Concerning this school of learning)