Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cross Country

On the 22 of August on a Thursday afternoon Pt England School had a school cross country/Fun Run. Our schools Fun Run was supported by Adidas. We had to get sponsored by our Whanau (Family) in order to get some cool prizes out of a book that we could choose. we had to raise over $5.00 to get a prize.

It started with the 5 year old boys then the 5 year old girls it went in that pattern until the Yr 8 boys. When it was time for the Yr 8 boys my adrenaline was pumping.

When the siren went off I started off with a jog then into a steady pace and so on. I started to fall back but that wasn't stoping me I was like a machine I was jumping puddles like thunder hurdling through mud like an alligator.

It was the last stand me and the mud filled track just as I was to the finish line my friend was sliding in puddles I quickly ran to the puddle he was sliding in and I didn't care about winning I just wanted to slide.

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Mike Charles said...

Silas, it sounds like you slid right through the finish line in what seems to have been a great race. I live in Oregon, and many runners here take pride in running "in any conditions." Your joy in running comes through in your writing.