Monday, September 16, 2013

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was waiting for the bus at the bus stop after a hard day at work.The bus finally arrived. Rosa dragged her aching body up the bus stairs and handed over 10 cents. She sat in the black section of the bus at the back.

Then a white person came and told Rosa to move out of her chair because black people have to move for white people if there are no more seats in the black section even if it means they have to leave the bus. It is pretty sad that the black people had to move for the white people or the black person goes to jail if they don't obey the laws.

Rosa asked to stay because she was tired and old, but the man still said move.Rosa refused so the white person signaled the driver to tell her to move so she waved to a couple of cops she got arrested.

Black people took notice and boycotted the bus service. They started their own black taxi company and black people that had cars pick up friends. The black taxi company only charged 10 cents to go anywhere they want.then any black taxi driver caught charging 10 cents would be fired. they have to charge 45 cents.

Then the bus service had to live without the black people riding the local bus for a year. Then some of the M.i.a got together to discuss what they have to do . they came to a decision to make segregation on buses unconstitutional. ROSA WON

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