Monday, May 27, 2013

Zac powers Volcanic Panic

Zacs latest mission briefing is at a secret volcanic island in the middle of the ocean, he knows that something isn't quite right. Then Zac discovers a secret the GIB has been trying to uncover for years but now zac is working undercover for GIB and uncover this mystery.

Zac is on a normal boring day at school and  Zac’s teacher Mrs Tran was away and there was a new teacher to teach the class. The teacher’s name is Ms Sharpe and  she was like Mrs Tran. At least Mrs Tran didn’t do maths sheets all day. Suddenly the bell rang to go home, Before Zac could walk out the door Ms Sharpe asked Zac to close the blinds then she said “I have an important meeting to go to” then Zac closed the blinds and Ms Sharpe was gone.

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