Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What my friends say about me?

Last term room 19 stuck pieces of paper to their backs and had to think of something positive and write stuff on other people’s back. Everyone in room 19 had to join in and write something positive about another person. It was fun and all but when we had finished we looked what people had written on our backs. I was surprised that not that much people had written anything on my back.

(Cool) Some people in my class were writing on my back I was cool I didn’t know how I was cool but I thought it was a good thing if had written something like you are a cool on someone elses back. I started thinking “hey I might be a pretty cool friend If someone had written I am cool”. We were all looking out our papers and most of us were making funny facials i knew some people had written something weird or funny.

(Skuxx) Oh god I was knowing someone was going to write something like I am skuxx I was Annoyed because a lot of people had written I am skuxx it was mostly skuxx all over the page I could not believe it. I was still surprised that other students of my class had commented on my piece of paper I was really happy.

(Helpful) I was like “WOW” 1 person out of the whole class said I am helpful. I didn’t know I was helpful but suddenly I am helpful it made me proud to know I am helpful. People don’t usually say nice stuff about me but I was wrong people do think nice stuff about me like im helpful.

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Carlos said...

Hi Silas

That was a awesome story about what people said about you. I hope that you guys do it again.