Friday, April 5, 2013

Mini Triathlon

It was an awesome day yesterday. My class (Room 19 & Room 9) were going to a mini triathlon on the field, and there are 4 men and Room 9 there waiting for us in the transition. The water slide looked fun and I could not wait to go on the bikes and ride pass people and overtake them, the run also looked exciting and easy I was hoping the boys would go first. Then 1 of the guys said room 9 girls go to the slide I was disappointed that my friends and I didn’t get to go first, but I knew that room 19 boys were going to have their turns soon.

Soon after the room 9 boy and room 19 girls it was the room 19’s boys and my turn I was ready and steady to go then 1 of the men said “GO” in a loud and clear voice. All the boys went flying off the starting line and went into a superman onto the waterslide, they were all trying to win the mini triathlon. Then I went and went straight under richard I was hoping he didn’t fall on me, so I stood up and had to go another 3 laps on the water slide. It was fun on the waterslide because i kept bumping into people and some of them even fell over. I was on my last lap and slid into roman I almost made him fall and then most people were on their bikes and off they went.

The room 19 boys were all on the bikes and a lot of the boys were riding the bikes really fast around the field I wouldn’t be able to beat them if they were already half way around the field. I thought that was pretty fast so I turned it up to 3 gear Pedaled as fast as I could to catch up to mosa in the front. I would never catch mosa or anyone else in front of me so I gave it a try anyway. I pedaled as hard as could and caught up to 3 people. I was almost at the transition then I pulled my other leg over to the other side of the bike and jumped and ran the bike in to the transition, I knew if I tried I might of been able to catch up to some people and overtake them.

So I quickly stood my bike up and then put down my helmet then I sprinted as fast as I could but mosa had already made it with another couple of people, Like Anthony and Kitiona passed me I was getting tired so I used the rest of my energy to pass Kori lee and Howard. I was almost at the finish then jonathan passed me I was going to sprint up to him but he sprinted really fast I knew I couldn’t catch him so I ran to stay in front of the people I overtook. We all had a good time but it was time to finish so we all sat down and said thank you to the 4 men and then we went  back to class.

Thank you for reading!!

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