Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Picking harakeke/Flax

It was a beautiful and room and and a small amount of room 21 were going over to Omaru creek to pick some harakeke/Flax to make some putiputi/flowers. It was going to be a fun period of time and everyone was having a good time, then the tarpolines down on the ground then everybody got a ruler.

We were all ready and waiting to pick our harakeke but first Ms T had to tell us what the instructions were and what flax we could and and couldn't pick, also you are not allowed to cut harakeke in the rain or at night because the plant will die. I was waiting for Ms T to finish her talking so I could get my flax and start weaving with my friends. When I get my harakeke I will sit down and start weaving through it and show my friends how its done.

So Ms T stopped talking and I went with my friend Nathanial and Jonathan, then we got our pieces of flax so went back to the tarpoline sat down and waited for everyone to pick their harakeke. The people that picked their flax were listening to Ms T on how to work on our harakeke.

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