Friday, March 8, 2013

School Picnic

It was a perfect day for the beach but the weather was overcast, to bad it wasn't sunny I was really looking forward for a sunny day. Then the whole school went to the hall for a quick meeting before we did anything at the beach. Mr Burt just went over a few rules then we were off for a fun day.

(Swimming) I could tell it was going to be a fun day so I waited for swimming to start by playing with my friends in the sand and building sand sculptures over them and make them into sand sculptures of any sort. Then team 5 time for swimming I was pshyced I got changed and quickly ran down to the water. Before I got down to the beach most of the team five was already in the water and bombing off the rocks.

(Lunch) It was also fun in the water but it was time to get out I went into the changing room and changed back into my normal school uniform then I raced my friend to our bags. I won the race and was really hungry so I got my lunch and then ate pretty much most of it. I was so hungry when I got out of the water. I hadn't of eaten anything  all day so I munched back at my lunch and then I ate my filled roll. It was a very delicious lunch and I enjoyed it.

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