Monday, May 20, 2013

Zac powers Tomb of doom

Zac was on a quest to find the missing pyramid then there it was right in front of him. He was so happy to see the pyramid he couldn’t wait to get inside this great treasured discovery as a ruin of a vanished pyramid. It was astonishing how the pyramid that people said had vanished was still stable and upstanding right. Zac knew this was the best thing he’d done during his family holidays but he know’s it is still a mission. Zac has to find agent track star cause the truth be told she went disappeared near a vanishing pyramid.

Zac parked the dune buggy not far from the from the pyramid. There was a big rock door with a code above it showed a fist, a closed door and a open door, Zac thought to himself “is it that simple do I just have to knock”. Then he got out his spypad and translated the symbols above the door. He did just have to knock he was happy then he walked in the doors shut and it was pitch black not knowing where to go. Zac was surprised he had made it this far what was going to happen next.

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