Thursday, May 16, 2013


Omg it is a rainy thursday morning and a lot of people including me were wondering who the very special mystery guest was. Then the bell rang for morning tea, I was so excited another half hour and then we go to the hall and meet the guest. Suddenly “RIIIIING” the morning bell tea rang to go back to class and everyone ran back to class a lot of the students of pt england school were ready and waiting.

When the hall was that their were camera's around and also photographers. I was wondering who was the famous 'famous' person was coming to our special and nerv racking assembly. A lot of people thought it was Stan walker or the prime minister John key but they just had to wait and see.

We were all ready and waiting then boom there he was the famous pop singer he looked awesome but I thought he would be wearing something from one of his songs. He was offering the manaiakalani schools a 100,000 dollar check I was shocked 100,000 dollars. I thought it  was very thoughtful of him and it is one of the biggest koaha’s we have got in a while.


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