Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My first reading recount

TITLE: Zac Powers Tomb of Doom

Pages: 36

Zac Powers

Summarize: Zac’s family holiday is booooring... until he gets his latest mission and his mission is to find and rescue a top GIB agent missing near the vanishing tombs somewhere in amber Sands.

There once was a boy called Zac Powers he was a spy boy that worked for a secret agent company called GIB (Government Investigation Bureau). Suddenly he gets an incoming message from agent peterson saying there is a problem near a vanishing pyramid, agent Caz has said to be gone somewhere near the pyramid. Zac grabbed his spy pack and quickly speed off in the dune buggy he could tell it wouldn’t be a good mission. Zac had instructions to go north or east he couldn’t decide so he went northeast then a couple jumps over sand dunes later he could see the vanishing pyramid and he knew it was a good sign.

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