Friday, September 30, 2011

Aussie Rules

WOW A is a really cool sport because there are different ways to pass and catch the ball through the game there was hand pass, drop punt and the catches we did was high mark chest mark those are all good ways to play good game of aussie rules. Aussie Rules is so awesome that I was sweating so much that I was tired for a while if everyone knew how fun it was I would reccomend that everyone would want play. It would also be cool everyone played together in this fun packed sport aussie rules it is the best.

Everytime I got to aussie rules with my class room 16 I am always having a great time with class mates and freinds it is always good to spend times with my freinds. It is sometimes good for your bones to because all the exercise pays and your bones are getting healthier. I hope that I have another fun packed with my class and my freinds. Aussie Rules ROCKS Go AUSSIE RULES!!!

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