Friday, September 16, 2011


Last week on Friday the Ninth the rugby world cup started off with a Grand Ceremony. The grand ceremony was awesome because there was a boy bumping off People ,everyone was singing ,fireworks were making loud noises, Actors and lots of fans cheering for the Tonga team but everyone suddenly started cheering really really loud All Blacks All Blacks. Then the All Blacks jogged out from their hall and came onto the field that’s when everyone raised their flags. It was cool for everybody you could tell because they were all cheering.

Finally the game began Tonga Started doing the Haka then after they did their Haka then they got into the game All Blacks started off with the kick Tonga just catches it and try to get a try. it started off as a good game but stepped out and New Zealand had to do throw in suddenly some of the Tongan team started using bad language. Luckily New Zealand didn’t do it back otherwise it would of been a yellow card so the game went on the fans Keep on cheering and cheering all the way through the game.
Just click On the big white space and see the Grand Ceremony.

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