Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My fantastic trip to motat

On Thursday the 31st of June rooms 15,16 and 17 from Point England School got ready when our teachers told us what group we were in and then we went to wait at the hall for the buses to arrive so we could go to Motat. When the buses arrived we knew straight away it was time to go then we went to the buses and left the other buses behind. When we got to motat I was ready for a fun packed day with my friends and teachers because I knew how they were going to react from all the fun and adventures that there were. Before went of exploring a man called Frazer talked to us about all the inventions and the cool creations that lots of people built.
I was Amazed on how there were new stuff I was also amazed that a tram was put in a big space for itself. Then we got to the tactile dome I thought it was scary at first but then they said it was just a obstacle in the dark that was pitch black it was like you closed your door and switched of the light and it will be pitch black too. When I was doing the obstacle course in the dark it was like I knew where I was going because it was like I have been in there before but I haven’t. I knew it was just an obstacle course and I finally made it to the end of the obstacle course then I saw the it was the slide to get out of there then I was free from the pitch black darkness until another day thats when I told myself it was just a obstacle course in the dark.

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Lindsey Rogers said...

Hi Silas,

The description of your time in the tactile was great, now I know what it was like to be in there.

Miss Rogers