Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Tower Contest

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On Thursday the fifth of May the whole class had to build a strong and tall tower and they would win a chocolate. I had the smallest in the whole class but it was still strong, it also held up the weight of the tubes, because it was stable and didn’t have big tubes to hold it up. Luckily someone liked it and that was my friend Lorenzo because it looked like a Machine Gun.

My tower was so stable that when everyone in the class tried to blow it down it was still standing up like a rock. My friends Lorenzo and Carlos argued over it but at the end Lorenzo got it and took it home. Carlos was angry that and started to yell at me and say “why didn’t you give it to me?”. I felt bad for Carlos so I made one for him to take home too.


Lindsey Rogers said...

Hi Silas,

It was so kind and considerate of you to make a second tower for Carlos.

Miss Rogers

paris said...

Hi Silas

I like the story and it was nice of you to help Carlos make a another tower