Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On my fantastic HOLIDAY

Wow the holidays was awesome it was so much fun when I went Australia with my mum and my  two brothers, it was so much fun because we got spen a whole two weeks at sea world for free because I entered a form so we could go there for free. I was so suprised when I won if only I got a free pass for a whole year.

That was so amazing I couldn't believe that I had won a 2 week holiday on a fun resort park from now  on I am going to enter all the forms for all of the fantastic stuff up to grab. Zoom went the plane off the runway track now good bye auckland and hello gold coast.

When I got to the Gold Coast I was so amazed how big the hydra slide it was massive and I could not wait to go on it. "WOOHOO" I said while I was going at high speed I was going  down the hydra slide I wish I had done that again then I did.

After my two weeks it was time to go home see you next time Australia.

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