Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jesse owens inspires me

Jesse Owens is a world famous olympic champion that inspires me. Because he is fast tall and he has a lot of olympic medals while growing up to be a racial segregation and he began to grow up to be a track star in Ohio state. Jesse owens was all black so if he ate a restaurant he would get kicked out that’s when he decided to eat at all black restaurant even though he was the best track athlete in the world.
Jesse walked into a hostile environment coming to 1936 in the olympic games held in berlin, Germany. While jesse was growing up he started to get to stay in the same hotel as the white people. That’s when he knew he was starting to get recognized by everyone even all the people started to realize that he was going to be a world famous champion.

After the 1936 olympic games Jesse started racing horses it was a miracle how fast he could run. He was so fast that he even got to race horses he must of been amazingly fast if he was allowed to race horses if I was that fast I would of had a race with some horses too. Wow he was even lucky he got a nickname his nickname was Buckeye Bullet because he was fast like lightning. During the 1980 he died of lung cancer that was a sad sad day for Alabama and his family because now who would bring home the gold medals. R.I.P Jesse Owens.

Thank You Stevie and Kevin

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Marvin said...

Hi Silas,

I really like your post because you have put a lot of detail into it. All you need to do is proof read it to see if it makes sense. Other than that your post is awesome =].