Monday, April 2, 2012

What’s The Drink For Me?

Do you like hot drinks? Coffee or Tea. Have you ever wondered what tea or coffee tasted like.Or do you prefer soft drinks and water .

I don't like coffee do you? Coffee is yuck because it is too strong but everyone drinks it and it's a popular drink to every one. I've tasted it once and I never want to taste it again, plus it's to sweet.

The hot drink I like is tea, it is nice and easy to make at the same time. Its yum and I always make it for myself and sometimes for my mum. I’ve tasted it Heaps of times to. Plus it’s to strong!

Soft drinks are delicious and fattening at the same time, There is all different kind of soft drinks like sprite , coke , fanta, 7up, Raspberry And there’s more soft drinks everywhere. Soft drinks are sweet because theres heaps of sugar in them.

Who cares about all of that because water is healthy and everybody should be drinking that. if you don’t drink water then you’ll be unhealthy!

1 comment:

mum said...

so true son im happy you remember that water is the best thing to drink and that the others are treats