Friday, March 16, 2012


I knew that I was going to have a good time and had all the activities as my favorite things except for swimming people kept on drowning me when I went under the water to look for rocks or just went under water to see who could stay under the water for the longest. It was so cool with my friends in the water because I knew that I could trust my friends, but when they got out people started to drowned me again. I loved to kayak with my friends in the two seated kayak because I could sit with my best and do the thing I loved at the same time.

When it was time for kayaking I was the first one in the kayak and started paddling everywhere. When I was in my kayak I was the best out there until Matthew came and took my place, I was a little angry because I didn’t get the reward Matthew did. It didn’t matter I was still happy that I had a good time and on the last day I went to Swimarama and the best thing happened we got to meet the warriors in person I wish that they would come again. THANKS HELPERS, TEACHERS, AND MR BURT FOR HELPING ME AND THE OTHER KIDS HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!!

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