Sunday, January 20, 2013

Riding fast

It was a perfect day, my friend and me were going for a bike ride down to the skate park and there are some bumps. The bumps are big, people have been taken to hospital because they flew off their bikes and went so high they crashed into objects. There is even a cliff at the end of the skate park but no one has fallen off it yet. So me and my friend were watching and waiting for someone to go down the hill the "ZHOOM" a man we flying past on his bike then he made it down the park, my friend and me were amazed because not that much people have ever made it down this bumpy hill.

So my friend went down first he went slowly because he didn't want to get hurt, when my friend was down I told him to wait then I went from slow to accurate to fast to really fast. I was so happy made it down to the bottom I wanted to go way faster but my friend said it was a bad idea so I took his advice. From that day on I never went down a bumpy skate ramp ever again.

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