Friday, January 18, 2013

Parnell Beach

It was a beautiful day and me and my family were planning to go to the beach. I thought it was a great idea so I got in the car with all my equipment and we were off. I was so excited waiting to see what beach we are going too. The beach was close and my aunty said “We are going to be at the beach soon kids”.  My cousins and me were wondering what beach we were going too, so we waited and waited until we got to the beach.

Then finally we were at the beach, it was parnel beach “yay” I could not wait to bomb off the pontoons, at the start I thought there was only one pontoon but there were three :D. Waiting at the beach was my other aunt and grandpa, they had brought a lot of food I was amazed I did not know they were coming. I gave them a big hug and talked to them for a while because I had not seen them in in a while. When i was finished talking to my grandpa and aunt I ran to the water and played with my cousins Jacob and Jojo we went bombing off the pontoons. We were going out to the third pontoon, suddenly my mum called out to come and eat.

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Mr H said...

Great to hear you are enjoying your holidays. Hope the reast of your holidays have been enjoyable.
Great to see that you are keeping posting, too.
Cheers, Mr H.